Episode 25: Cari Garcie


Cari Garcie:

Cari started out teaching elementary school Special Education but later transitioned to teaching students in a Gifted and Talented Program. In this interview she talks about the challenges she faced in both positions. 

This year Cari is in her second year with the students and staff at East Central ISD & Heritage Middle School in San Antonio, TX. Her previous experiences range from elementary Special Education, middle school language arts, and middle school Gifted & Talented. She is currently thrilled to begin the work of building a STRONG Gifted & Talented program  at Heritage through academics in the Humanities courses and critical thinking & creative problem solving with Odyssey of the Mind.

Cari lists her passions outside of her classroom as reading young adult fiction (yes, even the vampire books), fishing, raising chickens, and traveling! Cari is married and has two daughters, one who attends the adjacent intermediate school and one who attend her school and is involved in GT & Humanities.

Other little know facts about Cari is that she is adopted, she is allergic to blue food dye, loves coffee and candy, and rarely makes her bed:)

Recommended Resources:

National Association for Gifted Children

Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented

Texas History Day 

Odyssey For The Mind

National History Day


Email: cari.garcie@ecisd.net

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Episode 23: Juan Lascano

Juan Lascano:

Juan is an alumni of Teach For America and currently teaches inner city youth at a high school in Charlotte, NC. In this episode he talks about how he uses real life and his student’s love of music to inspire them to learn.

Juan Lascano is from Suffolk, Virginia, and attended Norfolk State University where he showcased his leadership skills by serving 2 terms as the SGA president from 2010-2012. Upon graduation in 2012, Juan spent 3 years as a biology and earth and environmental science teacher at Kennedy Charter Public School. He is also a second year graduate student of The Johns Hopkins University School of Education where he will receive his Masters of Science Degree in Education with a concentration in Secondary Studies through the TFA-JHU academic partnership.

Juan enjoys making change within his community by serving as a member of the regional strategy team for O.N.E. Charlotte, a collective community organization who’s main goal is to implement restorative justice in Charlotte. In his spare time, Juan enjoys listening to his vinyl collection, producing music, and reading the latest trends in educational equality across the nation. To combine his passion for music and education, Juan has created an organization entitled S.P.E.A.K., which means spitting progressive education to attain knowledge. Students in this organization create music and lyrics that help them retain information that is taught in biology class as they prepare for their EOC biology exams.


Dr. Chis Emdin,  author of ” Urban Science Education for the Hip-Hop Generation”


To listen to the music Juan’s class created click here!



Episode 022: Roxanna Eldon


Roxanna Eldon:

Roxanna is the author of “See Me After Class” which combines stories and advice from teachers around the country in a readable, honest, and immediately practical guidebook. Says Elden, “I wanted to write a book that teachers could pick up after a long week, finish over the weekend, and walk in Monday morning a better teacher. Not perfect, but better.”

A National Board certified teacher, Roxanna  has taught adult education, elementary school, middle school, high school, day school, night school, Saturday school and summer school. She has taught in Chicago, Houston, and Miami, and does standup comedy, presentations, and speeches based on her classroom experience.

Roxanna entered the school system with the best intentions and plenty of training. Guidebooks for beginning teachers addressed things she had heard before, like why high expectations were important. Unfortunately, none of them addressed the questions her training hadn’t covered: How could she maintain high expectations when her students couldn’t read the textbooks? How could she get them to take a state test seriously when their last teacher had “helped” them on test day? How did students figure out so quickly that she was a first year teacher?

Roxanna knows experiences like these keep many good teachers from sticking with this tough profession – a tragedy for them and for our schools. Her book and speeches combine the humor, honesty, and practical advice she needed her own first year, and that teachers today need more than ever.

Recommended Resources:

Read Roxanna’s Book “See Me After Class

See Roxanna’s Talk “The Myth of The Super Teacher

Roxanna on Amazon

Contact Information for Roxanna:



Episode 021: Andrea Stehle


Andrea Stehle

Andrea Stehle:

Andrea tells us how a High School Latin teacher turned her love of Greek and Roman mythology into a writing career.

Dr. Andrea Stehle is a Latin teacher at John Paul Stevens High School in San Antonio, Texas. She earned her BA in Latin with a minor in classics from the University of Texas in 1989. Classical mythology has been one of her great passions her whole life. As a sponsor of a chapter of the National Junior Classical League Magistra Stehle has sponsored Myth Camps for elementary, middle school & high school students many times during her quarter of a century teaching career. Besides writing the Gods of Arcadia series, Dr. Stehle researches and writes articles on Latin Vocabulary Acquisition and Retention.


Andrea’s Web Site

Andrea’s books on Amazon

Texas Association of Authors

Action Research is a useful tool to help educators evaluate the effectiveness of new classroom strategies.

Contact Info:

Email: magistrastehle@gmail.com


Episode 020: Kevin Curtis

Kevin Curtis

Kevin Curtis:

Kevin tells us how a teacher, coach and strict disciplinarian realized  that his approach to student behavior was not working and how he discovered the benefits of Restorative Discipline.

Mr. Kevin W. Curtis is an educational consultant who specializes in the area of Restorative Practices in schools.  Kevin is the Coordinator and Lead Trainer for the Restorative Discipline Readiness Training for Administrators that TEA and the University of Texas have partnered with that will be offered across the state of Texas.

Kevin was the former Restorative Discipline Coordinator and Assistant Principal at Ed White Middle School in the Northeast Independent School District in San Antonio, Texas where he was instrumental in developing a whole-school approach model.

He received his B.S. from University of Texas at San Antonio, an M.S. in Educational Administration from Texas A&M University at Kingsville.  Kevin has more than 17 years of experience in public education at the elementary level, middle school level and high school level including classroom teacher, coach, assistant principal and principal.

Recommended Resources:

RD360 Educational  Consulting, LLC

Better Than Carrots or Sticks: Restorative Practices for Positive Classroom Management: Dominique Smith, Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey

 Contact Info:

You can reach Kevin here. Or via phone at: (210) 232-1124

Episode 019: Summer Gault

Summer Gaulta

Summer Gault:

Summer Gault has 17 years of experience in Education; 7 as a high school PE teacher and coach, 8 as an elementary PE teacher and is in her 2nd year as an assistant principal. Summer has worked in 3 different school districts and under 10 different principals.

Summer grew up on a ranch in south Texas and was a high school and college athlete. She earned her BS in Kinesiology from The University of Texas – San Antonio and a Masters of Educational Leadership and Principal Certification from The University of Texas-Tyler.

Summer has been married for 16 years and has 3 children that keep her on the run and the mom taxi going.

Recommended Resources:

Restorative Discipline: RD 360 Kevin Curtis

Campus Safety Magazine

ASCD –  Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development

Contact Info:




Episode 018: Jennifer Eckert

Jennifer Eckert

Jennifer Eckert:

Jennifer started her career in teaching as a third grade teacher after graduating from Texas State University (formerly Southwest Texas State). Soon after graduating she decided to pursue a master’s degree in Education while still teaching. After four years in the classroom she took a position as a Technology Facilitator where she spent her time planning and teaching integrated technology lessons with teachers at several schools in the district.

During this time Jennifer was also working on a second master’s in Library and Information Science at the University of Texas at Austin. She subsequently moved to San Antonio and accepted a position as an elementary school librarian for the Northside Independent School District.

Jennifer has been teaching or supporting other teachers and their students for 15 years and was named the 2014-2015 Teacher of the Year for her campus. Jennifer says that being a librarian is by far the most rewarding and satisfying career she has ever held and believes it to be “the best job in the school!”


The First Days of School: How to Be an Effective Teacher ,   by Harry Wong

The Read-Aloud Handbook,   by Jim Trelease

Readicide: How Schools Are Killing Reading and What You Can Do About It,   by Kelly Gallager





Episode 017: Debbie Aaron

Deb Aaron, M.Ed.:

Our guest is Debbie Aaron, a teacher with 22 years of experience in the classroom and a former Teacher of the Year. Now serving as a math specialist, Debbie is also a co-founder of Building Mathematicians, a training program for teachers and students to enhance their math skills.

Debbie talks about her journey from journalism major to teaching and how a self identified “terrible” math student became a math specialist and help found a company that supports math instruction at the 2nd through 8th grade level.

BS from UTSA; M Ed from Lamar University,
Instructor of elementary mathematics for 15 years,
Math Interventionist for 5 years.
Certified to teach mathematics in grades K-5.

Recommended Resources:

www.MathGPS.org   –  Math GPS is an educational company founded to produce products that will provide teachers and learners support as they travel the road to math success.

Contact Information:

Debbie Aaron can be reached at:  debbie.aaron@boerne-isd.net

Episode 016: Dr. Heberto Hinojosa

Dr. Heberto Hinojosa Jr.:

Our guest is a Texas Assistant Principal of the Year and a former teacher and coach. Dr. Hinojosa is a graduate of the Texas State University teaching program with a Masters from Texas State and Doctorate from Lamar University. He is currently the Principal of Fabra Elementary in Boerne, Texas and in addition to his duties as a Principal he also teaches School Law at Schreiner University in nearby Kerrville.

Dr. Hinojosa shares his journey into teaching and how and why he made the switch to a leadership role as a principal. In this interview he talks about some of the challenges facing 21st century educators and what he and his staff are doing to prepare their students for the future. Dr. Hinojosa also talks about community outreach and how a school can connect with parents and become a community resource.

He also discusses the use of Restorative Discipline and how this approach is being used across the county to  reach children with discipline issues.

Recommended Resources:

Edutopia  is recommended for articles on teaching and best practices.

Information on Restorative Discipline can be found at RD360 Education Consulting, LLC

Contact Information:

Dr. Hinojosa can be reached at:  DRhinojosa1@gmail.com


Episode 015: Tammy Jordan

Tammy Jordan:

Our guest is Tammy Jordan, an elementary school teacher with 22 years of experience in teaching. Tammy graduated from Texas State (aka Southwest Texas) in 1993 and started her career teaching 1st grade and kinder in the Judson ISD in San Antonio for 5 years. Tammy also worked at Sylvan Learning Center as an instructor (after school) and then as a Center Director for 3 years.

Tammy moved to Boerne, TX, in 2001 and taught 1st and 5th grade before getting a kindergarten position in 2005. She currently serve as Kindergarten Team Leader and a representative for ELA and Writing at the campus and district level.

Tammy has been married almost 20 years and has a son (15-years-old) and a daughter (13-years-old).

Recommended Resources:

Making the Most of Small Groups (Debbie Diller)

Math Work Stations, Independent Learning You Can Count 0n, K-2 (Debbie Diller)

Literacy Stations (Debbie Diller)

Interactive Writing (McCarrier, Pinnell and Fountas)

Contact Information:

Tammy can be reached at: tammy.jordan@boerne-isd.net