Episode 031: Denise Ramirez

Denise Ramirez

Denise Ramirez:

A career change, her young son and a desire to follow a life passion led Denise from the financial industry to the classroom. Going back to school as a full time student and a parent of three young children she obtained her bachelor’s degree from Washington State.  Shortly after this, Denise enrolled in a dual certification program at Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, enabling her to obtain her teaching certification in both Special and General Education.

Beginning her career at Northside Independent School District she had the opportunity to teach in a variety of special education settings prior to transitioning to the general education classroom in 2006. She has been awarded both New Teacher of the Year and Teacher of the Year at the campus level in addition to being named NISD’s Partnership Coordinator of the Year in 2010.

Following the legacy of her great-grandmother, she strives to reach even the most challenging student. She does this with a unique blend of relationship building, humor, and high expectations.

Recommended Resources:

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Episode 25: Cari Garcie


Cari Garcie:

Cari started out teaching elementary school Special Education but later transitioned to teaching students in a Gifted and Talented Program. In this interview she talks about the challenges she faced in both positions. 

This year Cari is in her second year with the students and staff at East Central ISD & Heritage Middle School in San Antonio, TX. Her previous experiences range from elementary Special Education, middle school language arts, and middle school Gifted & Talented. She is currently thrilled to begin the work of building a STRONG Gifted & Talented program  at Heritage through academics in the Humanities courses and critical thinking & creative problem solving with Odyssey of the Mind.

Cari lists her passions outside of her classroom as reading young adult fiction (yes, even the vampire books), fishing, raising chickens, and traveling! Cari is married and has two daughters, one who attends the adjacent intermediate school and one who attend her school and is involved in GT & Humanities.

Other little know facts about Cari is that she is adopted, she is allergic to blue food dye, loves coffee and candy, and rarely makes her bed:)

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Email: cari.garcie@ecisd.net

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Episode 008: Jolene Navarro

Jolene Navarro:

Jolene is a high school teacher working with students at an alternative school in downtown San Antonio, Texas. Jolene talks about her experience working with students to help them understand and appreciation art. She also talks about the importance of developing classroom management skills and finding a mentor to round out your teaching experience.

When Jolene is not teaching she is writing about her native Texas. In this episode Jolene talks about her experience in becoming a published author and gives us a preview of her newest book, “A Texas Christmas Wish”.   Jolene writes love stories about family & faith in the Texas Hill Country.

Jolene’s novels are published by Harlequin and can be found at all major booksellers.

Her website is:  http://jolenenavarrowriter.com/

Her Facebook Page is: https://www.facebook.com/jolenenavarrowriter/timeline

Click on the image of her book below to preview it on Amazon:

Jolenes Book

Jolene’s other books are:

Lone Star Hero, Love Inspired –  now available
Lone Star Holiday, Love Inspired –  now available

Recommended Resource:

Fred Jones, author of  “Tools for Teaching“, a resource for classroom management.

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Episode 004: Theresa Lang Puckett

Theresa Puckett150

Theresa Lang Puckett:

Our guest in this episode is Theresa Lang Puckett. Theresa didn’t intend to follow a path into teaching but describes how she was inspired by the story of an emotionally damaged child and the teacher who tried to reach her. As a result she changed direct and entered college to pursue a teaching career.

Theresa has served special needs children and in this segment she talks about the importance of building relationships with parents and peers. She also talks about the need to teach children to be independent of adults and to solve their own problems.

Theresa was inspired by a book ( One Child) written by Torey L. Hayden, a child psychologist, special education teacher, university lecturer and writer of non-fiction books based on her real-life experiences with teaching and counseling. Her web site is http://www.torey-hayden.com/index.html

Recommended Resouce: HighScope Educational Research Foundation is an independent nonprofit research, development, training, and public outreach organization and can be found at http://highscope.org/

Recommended Books: Betsy Evans author of “You Can’t come to my Birthday Party” a book about conflict resolution for children. You can find her book at the Amazon link below:


Theresa can be be reached at: TheresaPuckett76@gmail.com