Episode 017: Debbie Aaron

Deb Aaron, M.Ed.:

Our guest is Debbie Aaron, a teacher with 22 years of experience in the classroom and a former Teacher of the Year. Now serving as a math specialist, Debbie is also a co-founder of Building Mathematicians, a training program for teachers and students to enhance their math skills.

Debbie talks about her journey from journalism major to teaching and how a self identified “terrible” math student became a math specialist and help found a company that supports math instruction at the 2nd through 8th grade level.

BS from UTSA; M Ed from Lamar University,
Instructor of elementary mathematics for 15 years,
Math Interventionist for 5 years.
Certified to teach mathematics in grades K-5.

Recommended Resources:

www.MathGPS.org   –  Math GPS is an educational company founded to produce products that will provide teachers and learners support as they travel the road to math success.

Contact Information:

Debbie Aaron can be reached at:  debbie.aaron@boerne-isd.net