Episode 010: Teresa Mitchell

Teresa Mitchell

Teresa Mitchell

Author and teacher Teresa Mitchell has always had a passion for learning and teaching. As a child she enjoyed playing school and teaching younger members of her family. Although she veered away from education in the beginning of her college career, she was soon drawn back to what she loved– teaching. From the very beginning of her teaching career Teresa has been recognized for her well-managed classrooms. She believes that in order to teach, you have to have control, and in order to have control it has to be taught.

As an educator Teresa enjoys the challenges that arise in today’s educational system and works to create new and innovative ways to meet those challenges. Teresa believes that teachers are limited in their ability to teach until they develop the skills to manage their classroom. Her book, “Not In My Classroom” was written to provide effective real world techniques to put teachers in charge of their classroom.

Teresa believes that every student should receive the same quality of education no matter their background or socioeconomic status. In the future Teresa looks forward to creating programs for students and teachers to help make that a reality and to close the academic gap.

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Not In My Classroom

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