Episode 001: Karen Aitken


Our guest for episode one is Karen Aitken, an elementary school teacher with a passion for teaching students to manage themselves. Karen has been teaching for 18 years and for the last ten years has been training other teachers how to take control of their classrooms by focusing on teaching students basic character skills such as credibility, accountability, responsibility and work ethic.

Karen developed a character building program called Building Custom Kids that eventually led to her Classroom Management training program. Karen’s training program, Creating the Self-managed Classroom is featured on her web site Classroom Management Specialists

Karen has a store on Teacher-Pay-Teacher

Karen can be found on Facebook

Karen’s web site: https://www.classroommanagementspecialists.com

Recommended Book: “Raising Boys” by Steve Biddulph¬† or visit his web site at:¬† http://www.stevebiddulph.com/Site_1/Books.html